Sascha coming into this one with a 3-7 record against Novak. Most recent meeting was at US Open semi finals with the German losing to Djokovic but he did beat the Serb in the Olympic games semi if you remember. No doubt Zverev is a formidable opponent for the world number one. Because the two players are very similar in playing style, their matches tend to play out to the distance. Both have a mixed game, not a great speedy serve but a good one, not a great backhand or forehand but a good one. Check it 5-4(15-15). Both players comfortable on the baseline hitting deep in a rally that seemed to go on forever. What made the difference for Novak? He varies the shot sequence with the drop shot at precisely the right time forcing Sascha to be on the back foot. This was a rally with a whopping 34 shots. Sascha would save break point in this game. Tennis is a game of moments and that proved to be a crucial one. In the tie breaker he turned on the stylish winners tap. Watch the backhand at 5-4 to edge close to the first set win. He did it 7-4.

Another moment, 4-4 deuce. Zverev confident the backhand by Djokovic is wide. Shot looked good from where I was, line judge thought too so what of Hawkeye. He doesn’t lie and it was good. Djokovic would break in that game, the error at adv Novak underlining the psychological impact of the line call on the German. Djokovic wins set two 6-4,Zverev cutting a dejected figure on the change over. Would it affect his game in the third? Answer ,No. Impressive winners from Sascha galore. He had 35 for the match. Novak looking tired after a long season looking ready for the holiday. He did have good moments advancing to the net. The better server of the two was Sascha, the love service game to win the match proved just that. He went for the T either side of the court looking for the ace. Djokovic getting the racquet to the ball but returns were not that strong. Sascha will face Daniil Medvedev in the final after the Russian beat Casper Ruud in straight sets.