A common misconception about Steph Curry that goes around quite a bit is that he is a big match player only. This season the kind of consistency he has not shown before even playing well against both average sides like the 9-7 Cavs here and the Nets two days ago. Curry scored 40 points as Golden State turned on the shine the second half especially a huge 36 point fourth quarter. It didn’t look like it was going to anything but gloomy for the Warriors during the first half. Cleveland led by Garland(25 points) were a tad better than the Warriors. Check out the big 3 from just outside the arch at 19-9 Cavs. It is either the Warriors were confident they can come back into the match or they are just bad at defense with the amount of space afforded Garland. Again watch 35-31 Golden State. Big Damion Lee made to dance by Garland ala street ball. Come on now, we need to get the agile players marking the agile players, big players belong on the paint sometimes.

This was a more team like effort for the Cavs than the Warriors who had Curry only in the plus 20 range points wise. They need the supporting cast to do more such as Draymond Green who had only 4 points especially in the play offs. Garland was ably supported by Rubio(10 points) and Dean Wade(17 points) among others. Love also had 17 points with a lot of 3s in third quarter. Watch 68-62 Cavs. Steading himself realizing he had 10 seconds on the shot clock , dummying Jordan Poole for the bucket. How did the Warriors turn the match around in quarter four? They began to gain the more turnovers and feeding it to Steph who sank the ball from downtown, he had 9 three pointers for the match. Steph also mixed things up getting GS going from the paint as well. Watch 81-79 Cavs as they level it up through Lee. Such a miserable Q for the Cavs offensively just managing 8 points there. They couldn’t get the same percentage of field goals they had gotten in the first half dropping to just 15% on that stat. Warriors now 13-2 atop the Western Conference standings with the equally red hot Phoenix not far behind at 11-3.