Minnesota come into this one 4-8 and 12th in the West. They also have fallen foul with the NBA to make matters worse. They will have to take out that bag to pay a fine of USD250 000 for holding an out of season practice event at the home of baseball great Alex Rodriguez in Miami. With such a low fine, I am wondering how on earth the NBA thinks it can be a deterrent. Anyway rules are rules. NBA rules state that no practice events are to be held during the regular season outside the home of the franchise team. A-Rod is a limited partners in the franchise although they will assume control in the coming years. The Timberwolves face a Suns team who have hit a rich period going 8-0 in the last 8 games with Devin Booker rediscovering last season’s form. If you have Devin you will most certainly will be great from the paint. Watch 12-6 Minnesota with the assist to Ayton. Now the Wolves had the most field goal attempts of the two in the quarter, in a ball game the more attempts the better even if you miss a whole lot. Towns who had 35 points the highest of the match was at the forefront, watch this massive 3 at 18-16 Timberwolves.

Matches are won and lost on turnovers, this is because with the limited time to play, you got to get the ball to score. Minnesota had more turnovers than Phoenix. Chris Paul was the assist King with 8 including this no look at 25-23 Wolves to tie up the game in the second quarter. A very close half which went to half time with Suns leading by just one. Phoenix leveled up the field goal attempts as the match went on. Third quarter going their way with plays like this one at 66-59 Suns. Booker with the fast pass to Johnson for the lay up although he got a bash in head after a nasty head clash there. Such a close match would have to be won by a moment of brilliance and that moment went the way of Phoenix.

Not before the Karl Anthony exhibit. Check out the huge three almost from the logo to give Minnesota the lead 78-77. The Wolves were going for more threes as they realized it was them that have the edge in them as Phoenix was only 20% from down town. It is funny that this ended up being a 3 point loss to the Wolves even though they were better from outside the arch. It helps to have a lot of big and experienced players and they made a difference for the Suns. Crucial moment was at 98-96 Suns. Watch Chris Paul, although he isn’t the tallest he has spring in those legs, jumps high to put off Russell(22 points) who rims the shot to seal the win. Big players don’t just win it with buckets, they win it defensively too. Phoenix now second in the West with 10-3 record with Curry’s Warriors first with 11-2. Maybe A- Rod’s investment