I pointed out in a previous blog about the fishy nature of the last four games of Group G. Well it looks like I might have been correct seeing as how the match between the Black Stars and South Africa ended. One of the most shockingly biased officiating ever witnessed in a world cup qualifier. I am not just talking about the penalty decision. South Africa has lodged a complaint of match fixing with the same guys that assigned the ref FIFA(Good Luck).The whole match was riddled with questionable fouls and yellow cards. The referee for the match Ndiaye Maguette is West African being from Senegal so how he was given the match is beyond me. So the rot really starts at CAF were the refs are assigned. Fine the match was not handled properly but did South Africa play well enough to warrant a replay of the fixture? No. Did South Africa score any goals which were disallowed? No. So getting the replay is going to be a slippery slop for them. It is hard to prove corruption because the referee can always claim that it was incompetence.

For me after watching the match, SA didn’t do enough to win this match even without the penalty award. The fact of the matter is that they had 5 other matches in which to get more points than Ghana and they failed. For example their goalless draw in Zimbabwe dented their chances given that the Group went down to goals scored. For South Africa it could be a case of what goes around comes around. In the 2018 qualifiers, South Africa benefitted as well from suspicious officiating in their match against Senegal in South Africa in which they won the match 2-1 with Senegal having a clear goal disallowed. Lastly, the best thing for South Africa to do is to let it go and build a team for the next round of African Cup Of Nations qualifiers than chase this lost cause.