A second win for Garbine in Mexico , she makes the semis. Anett already into the semis in Guadalajara though a first place finish in Group Teotihuacán will mean she faces the second placed player in Group Chichen Itza. No slow start for Garbine here at all. Off to a start she would definitely want with a break in the very first game. After a great serve down the T, Anett got sloppy netting the backhand. The set got pretty competitive after this game with both players holding serve well with Anett working the hardest to hold. Let me just put it this way, Anett is an attacker who doesn’t like it when the game pushes to deuce, she likes to end things in the first 6 points of games. Garbine is very comfortable defending and retrieving although it is not what she intends most definitely. Check out 3-1(40-15). Right now the Anett forehand needs no intro. But for the life of me I just love it when she hits it every time, the technique is too good. Watch 4-3(40-15 Garbine), wrist snap and roll with the shot above the higher part of the net one of the most difficult in tennis. No more breaks of serve in the first set for either for Muguruza to close it out 6-4. An uncharacteristic error from Anett on the forehand sealing the hold for Garbine. She catches more frame than string , a loss in concentration typical for an already qualified semi finalist.

Would there be more breaks of serve in the second set? You bet, again an early one at that. Check out first point 15-15. Anett hits the forehand scoop up nonchalantly probably banking on the Garbine return being wide. That was her undoing in this point as she was always on the backfoot thereafter. Another unforced error handing the break to Garbine this time on her backhand at 15-40. The challenge was made but hey it looked crystal clear from my point of view. Better try than never I guess. The errors undid the good work the Estonian was doing especially on first serve. She was hitting at 64% first serve to 61% Garbine but the telling stat was the points won on first serve with the Spaniard on top with 81%. to 66%. This shows the willingness to take that risk on the more powerful first serve for Garbine. What a turnaround from their last meeting in Moscow nearly a month ago IN THE QUARTERFINALS when Anett picked apart the first serve winning 57% of the points on Garbine’s.

In every match there is that one opportunity you get to get back in the match. It happened for Kontaveit at 3-2. Her backhand winners not too shabby as 30-15 showed, showing she isn’t a one shot wonder. However she failed to get any breaks in the set and for the match for that matter which will be disappointing for her. An unforced error to end the set just as the first to hand Garbine the win. This breaks her 12 match winning streak dating back to her quarter final defeat to Ons Jabeur in Indian Wells. Garbine through to the semis joining compatriot Paula Badosa.