The Jaguars are not a great travelling team and succumbed to their seventh loss in 9 against the Indiana Colts yesterday. They are finding it hard to shake the nearly men tag after losing another close one here. They do have the speed and guile of Jamal Agnew though. The receiver gets the ball from a well disguised pass from his QB Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence shield the ball well such that by the time the Tackles realized Jamal has the ball it is too late. Once he found the gap and got past the cornerback, the Colts’ Safety Josh Jones is in real trouble and has a lot of ground to make up. I love the little burst of speed at the 20 yard line for good and emphatic measure. One can tell that Jamal would be great at track if he didn’t make it in the NFL, that was Usain Bolt like. Nothing like a 70 yard TD to ease the pain of a 23-17 defeat.