The Swedes would have been in the box seat going into their final match day 10 fixture with Spain on Sunday. They made a complete mess of things in Georgia despite fielding a very strong eleven against a team who otherwise no longer had a chance to qualify. Zlatan, Lindelof, Forsberg and Isak all started for Sweden who dominated play for large swaths of the match but couldn’t make possession count. Georgia were at times shaky in defense making mistakes but their keeper Loria made vital saves such as one on 21 minutes. The pressing from Sweden worked in the first half but was strangely abandoned in the second with the away side going for route one. Check it out, the Swedes had 4 players on that left to two Georgians forcing the back pass which really wasn’t on.

Georgia made the most of the chances that fell their way. The two goals weren’t the prettiest by any stretch but they all count. The Sweden defense was all over the show on both instances..Analyzing the first goal I have to wonder was it necessary really for the two defenders to not stay on their feet, especially the one on the goal line. The second one , Sweden were going for it full throttle midway into the second half with nothing to lose. They leave three man at the back with Lindelof pushing up to virtually become a fifth midfielder to try to get the equalizer. Georgians have speedy attackers particularly the double scorer Kvaratskhelia.He leaves the deepest lying defender for dead to make it 2-0. Now the question for Sweden going into the winner take all clash is does Zlatan link up better with an immobile Isak or a dynamic forward like Kulusevski because Zlatan looks too similar to Isak for them to play together. Spain now top Group B by a point on Sweden with 16 points, following their win away to Greece.