The Lakers after their hard fought win in OT over Charlotte were looking for back to back victories since the Thunder snapped their 4 game streak last week. No LeBron still for the Lakers, out with an abdominal injury as father time seems to be catching up to the King. It is now more than ever that they need the brilliant but sometimes volatile Russell Westbrook. Russell had yet another triple double with 25 points 12 rebounds and 14 assists. The Heat having a good season at 7-3 going into this one have an impressive offense led by Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo. P.J Tucker impressing in defense with 13 rebounds. Lakers edging out quarter one with great field goal shooting although both teams took their time to get the first shot in in the quarter. Russell has great vision, he can spot a teammate with a corner of his eye even when under pressure. Check out the Alley-Hoop to Davis(24 points) at 9-8 Miami.

Heat were better in quarter two. Much of their play revolving around great passing inside the arch with Herro the center of it. Check out the pass at 31-25 Lakers. The pass here is not an easy one as Adebayo is very close to Tyler and at the same time it has to be quick before Bam is closed down. After a slow start in the down towner department, the 3s began to flow in this quarter. Lakers were not getting close enough to Tyler and Robinson and the Heat were not on Russell, Avery and Carmelo. So it was not surprising that at half time it was just 57-55 Heat. It was the same case in quarter three. Field goal attempts began to balloon up. Both would finish with over 90 each. Watch 77-71 Miami. The defense on the paint forcing Davis to go back to Ellington. The double team almost always leaves a man free for the pass but as long as it is outside the arch I consider that well defended for forcing the difficult shot. 86-82 Mimi going into the forth. How crucial was the Westbrook 3 right at the death in the context of the result?

He would turn villain as per usual Russell style. But before that he made sure we had Overtime again. Watch this play to tie it up at 108-105 finding a gaping gap on the Heat paint. Lakers with 50 points from the paint. Here is the villain piece. Watch the winding seconds of normal time , Westbrook has the ball, opportunities abound to pass within the arch or drive to the basket on his own. What does Russell do, he goes for the tough shot the three pointer with PJ Tucker marking him, which was never going to happen. Luckily for him the Lakers won it in OT. The crucial turnover at 117-114 doing the Heat in, committed by Bam of all people. Lakers improve to 7-5 down in seventh in the West, way down compared to 10-1 Golden State at number one.