Reigning welterweight champ Kamaru Usman had a scary 18 wins out 19 record going into this one in New York. This was his second bout with Covington with the Florida fighter losing to Kamaru on the TKO tip in the fifth round. That has got to hurt Colby and it showed in this bout. Unlike the faster pace of the first bout, this one was cagey and slower few significant punches. Kamaru employing a take down tactic which Colby countered well. A cut below the right eye of Covington which he sustained in the first Round threatened to be a factor in determining the victor. The scariest round for Covington has got to be Round two, with Kamaru going in the offensive targeting the right eye , downing him but he quickly recovered to his feet to his credit.

I could see Colby’s tactic was to stay in the bout as long as possible to Round 5 and go for it there hopefully getting the TKO. The only problem for him was that Kamaru wasn’t going to tire at all, he is in such good shape he could have gone to Round 8 if they could. Colby used his wrestling background trying to give Kamaru a headache or two. Watch Round three with 13 seconds left. What a moment Kamaru handing it to Colby for staying in this one. Round 4 belonged to Colby in my honest opinion, landing more of those left right jabs and kick combos. Crowd just loves the underdog, chants of Colby rang through Madison Square Garden. Sadly this didn’t help in the context of the result. But again he caused problems in Round 5 with the surprise jab which wasn’t enough to knock out Usman. Last scary moment of the match for Colby. The cut below the right eye opened up with 50 seconds of the match to go. Decision time. Forfeit or lose like a man. It shouldn’t be Colby’s call ref, damn. It should be the doc’s. But they continued, Colby is tough I got to give him that. Usman retains with a unanimous decision win although he cut close on both of the three judges’ cards.