If we were to divide the match by quarter, it would be an even split with two each. However a huger fourth quarter from Chicago in which they scored a massive 42 points with DeRozan(28 points) unplayable. The Bulls, after a 4-0 start, ran out of steam a bit to go into this one 6-3 against the NBA Title favorites. This looks like it is going to be a close race to the playoffs. The Nets were 7-3 going into this one ties and are now sandwiched between the Knicks and Cavs in 6th place in the East. Along with DeRazon, Zach Levine had a good game for Chicago with 24 points. Watch the assist of the match for the open Levine by Ball at 3-3 first quarter with Brooklyn caught sleeping. This was a prelude to a good first quarter in which they dominated play around the paint area albeit with some weak defense from Brooklyn(check out the ease in which Ball walks through at 20-18 Bulls.

It was a disaster of a second quarter for Chicago that threatened to derail their march to victory. Nets began making field goal attempts count at crucial times. Watch Mills sink a high pressure three at 37-33 Chicago with the shot clock winding, ably found by James Harden who had a joint game high assist count of 5. Just a moment there where I though oh no Mills is gonna mess it up, that moment hesitation there but good shot following the basics from Patty. By the end of the half, Chicago were reversed 57-51 and all to do in quarter 3. It seems every single game is top scored by KD, no exception here. The Olympics points record holder had 38 points and is so often he can’t do it himself. He needs a good support cast. No one came close in the Nets line up, not even making 20, the key to the Nets losing this one. Check out Durant at 69-68 Nets. He shows he can also do the paint well with a dribble past two defenders, and lay up. The closeness of that quarter epitomized by the score going into quarter 4, 78-76 Nets.

Can I be hard on the Bulls for a second? That was as awful as it can get shooting from down town, 9/31. Check out 74-70. That was one point lost than two gained there on that play. In another game minus DeRazon this one would have been a loss for Chicago. Now to fourth quarter turning point, 81-80 Chicago the drive to the basket and foul by Dosumnu. Bradley standing tall with the rebound and pass to Dosumnu. More often than not the guys with the most offensive rebounds win the ball game. The Bulls ended up routing the Nets in this quarter. Every single play they did almost always ended up with 2 points(the threes were here and there). Brooklyn had no answer in this their lowest scoring quarter of the match.