Luka Doncic takes the gong for this week for the play of the week. No doubt he is the main man for Dallas averaging plus 20 a game this regular season.The Slovenian’s strong play from outside the arch carries the Mavs more often than not. In this game with the Celtics, he was strong defensively with 9 rebounds and out scored everyone with 33 points. Don’t get this one twisted, this was a high pressure buzzer beater. Three Celtics on him pinning him right into the left corner. Just keeping the ball in bounds was a JOB. Luca’s strongest arm is his left so naturally he drifts leftwards so what the Celtics may have been trying to do was to show him to the right. A puff of the cheek and a fade away jumper later boom its 107-104 Dallas and no overtime we going home. The celebration , so soccer like as it is, showing you can’t beat a good old buzzer beater.