Since the Super Bowl last year , Pat Mahomes has been strangely off. One game in particular sticks out like a sore thumb, the defeat two weeks ago to the Titans 27-3 in which he barely made 200 yards, no TD passes and one interception. In this match against Green Bay he didn’t exactly set the stage alight but did just enough to push his team over the line. Chiefs were 4-4 going into this one with an iffy home record 2-2. The fact that this was a very low scoring affair means both coaches knew the best plays from each other. Good first half though from Kansas City. They shut out the Packers in this half mostly due to their cornerback Ward and Mathieu. Good protection of the QB on the one TD pass by Pat in this match at 5:56 of the first quarter ,3rd down and goal.

Best QB of the match was Jordan Love with 19 completions out of 34 with a TD pass late in the game in the fourth quarter, his first of his fledgling career. Lazard had a lot to do in that play but managed to slither past Sorensen a little bit too easily for my liking. Before that play at 13-0 third down and 5, one of the Chiefs’ best defensives Sneed had a mighty TD saving interception off Cobb. Packers’ kicking was way off from Crosby, his two failed attempts really made a difference given this ended up being a 6 point game. Credit were credit due to the Chiefs on this play. Watch as two linebackers flank Crosby to put pressure on him at 7-0 ,4th down and 5. The most contentious moment was the “TD” by Chiefs’ number 26 from the punt on 2:46 of the second quarter. Did the Packer, number 86, touch the ball with his foot? Yes it did, the refs got it spot on on review. Did he mean it? I don’t think so it was a lucky turn of the ball. The defeat isn’t a train smash for the Packers who are now 7-2 and number one in NFC North. Chiefs improve to 5-4 are third in AFC West.