A very entertaining high scoring Thursday Night Football game in which both made possession count. The Jets, much improved from last season’s poor performances, now 2-6 after this one. They made a real go at it in the back end of the game getting the last 3 TDs as the Colts defense switched off. However with the kind of offense Indiana has, who needs a good defense? Jets’ Josh Johnson, who came in for the injured Mike White, the best passer by yards at 317 but he had too many incompletes probably why New York struggled to get on the scoreboard in the first quarter.14 of them out of 41. Best of White was the TD by Moore in the first quarter although afforded way to much time by the Colts.

Colts’ offense led by Rushing player Jonathan Taylor ,who had 172 yards for the match, key to crushing the Jets in the second quarter. In that quarter in particular it seemed as though Indiana was capable of scoring from every possession that they had. Here they scored 3 TDs from their first 3 in that quarter. Jets’ Davis tried his best to stop Taylor check out the tackle at 14-7 10:55 on the clock, although video was needed to determine that Taylor had possession. Impressive 7 tackles for the defensive for the game. Carson Wentz’s passing was accurate enough to win it for the Colts. 22 caught from 30 including the impressive pass to Doyle for 21-7. It was well disguised I had to rewind the tape to see who ended up with the ball. Colts have played a lot of Football this is their ninth game already but they show little sign of fatigue.

Fourth quarter Johnson started to find his wider receivers more easily as the Colts leading 42-16 effectively shut down thinking the game was done. Check out the freedom Griffin had at 42-16. The most infuriating of TDs conceded by Indiana was the one scored by Ty Johnson. Back up the play a little. It’s 45-23, a 22 point game time for the defensive backs to show their worth to the coach as the pressure was little. What do they do? Five of them miss tackle on Johnson effectively opening a gate to the EZ. Poor play by the likes of number 53 Leonard . Indiana winning the ball game by 15 and are second in the AFC South with a 4-5 record. WAY WAY WAY behind run away leaders Tennessee who have 6-2 record. Jets are third in AFC East behind Buffalo and New England.