This story is one of the most astonishing to have come out at the beginning of the millennium. A star wide receiver couldn’t manage his love life and fame and ended up wasting nearly 20 years of his life. Let me start by telling you the story of how Rae Carruth ended up serving 20 years in a North Carolina jail. Rae as I said was a wide receiver, playing for the Carolina Panthers having been drafted in 1997. As of many sports stars Rae dated multiple women at the same time(which isn’t a crime by the way but morally reprehensible). He casually dated a woman by the name Cherica Adams a realtor. To cut the long story short, Carruth knocked up Cherise by 1999. On 16 November 1999 Cherica was shot 4 times at his home by a man who was later deemed to be associated with Rae named Van Brett Watkins. Adams survived to hospital and delivered Carruth’s baby via Caesar. Adams died a full month later from her injuries. Today I want to examine the legal process and some of my concerns from the whole crime.

Let me start with the call that was made to the police. The call was made by Adams herself as she lay injured. She said Carruth drove behind the drive-by shooter Watkins and sped away. This call was not permissible in court under the constitution because Rae couldn’t cross examine Adams since she was gone. This was the right call for me even without the constitutional clause because Cherica lying there losing blood would not be a reliable witness who can be clearly said to have seen Rae. Another contentious issue is to do with the motive the prosecutors out forward. They said Rae didn’t want to pay child support for the new born so he decided to murder Adams. For me it is a pretty flimsy motive. Why? How many NFL stars or sportsman pay child support for kids made out of wedlock? Plus Carruth wasn’t exactly broke at the time of the murder.

He earned up to 3.7 million dollars including 1.3 million dollars in bonuses. Anyway that is not to say he wasn’t greedy enough to not want to share it is it? He eventually went away for conspiracy to commit murder which doesn’t carry the death penalty. For a prosecution to get a conviction they needed to prove a connection between Watkins and Rae , apparently they did so. But on the flip side, could Watkins have been trusted with his word to say he was paid to do it? So many plausible scenarios in this whole situation. His defense put forward the drug deal gone bad scenario which although plausible could not have been the truth as Cherica wasn’t known to hang around those types more so in a state of pregnancy. Rae’s trial has an uncanny resemblance to OJ’s trial in that there was so much evidence nailing the accused yet that doubt still lingered somehow. If there is any consolation out of this whole thing is that the child did survive and graduated high school although Chancellor Adams would have to live with a disability stemming from oxygen depravation when he was born. Rae is said to be a changed guy having served 19 years and is now a free man but this was a waste of a career.