Miami continue their hot streak against Luca Doncic’s Mavs. The Heat 5-1 going into this crunch match with Dallas in good stead as the team is working well together and it showed in this match. Pretty even spread scoring with no less than 4 Heat scoring plus 20. On fire Tyler Herro was the man with 25 points but Bam Adebayo impressive with 13 rebounds. Dallas had the joint best home record in the West going into this one at 3-0 were quickest out of the starting blocks. Luca’s shooting ability is well known and the Slovenian didn’t disappoint. Watch 9-5 Dallas. Afforded plenty of time, no defense on him sinks a typical down towner. No player would score more points than his 33. He and SON OF A LEGEND Tim Hardaway sank plenty of 3s in that first quarter. Pity though they didn’t transfer that into the second quarter.

Miami started to move the ball a lot quicker with tempo. Watch this one by Herro 36-34 Dallas to take the lead. With no options inside the arch there was only one way to the basket and boy did he sink that 3 with aplomb. That 8 point burst by Tyler instrumental in lifting his team. It is not a coincidence that Dallas began to wain just as the three pointers dried up. They tried to score more from the paint with little to no success against the disciplined Miami defense. Check out 77-67 Miami, one of those occasions Doncic drove to the rim. He is strong and pretty hard to defend against in those situations. Butler, Lowry and Bam had 22,22 and 23 respectively in terms of points. Those points were mostly from the field. Check out Lowry with a precision 3 again at 111-100 Miami to effectively put the match to bed. Says a lot about the Heat’s confidence. The win makes Miami joint leaders in the East with Chicago whilst the Mavs slump to their first defeat at the American Airlines Arena. It is not really a train wreck for them though with their record at 4-3 still looking good.