If there is anyone due a grand slam title now is Sascha Zverev. The Olympic Champion facing here exciting young Spaniard Carlos ALCARAZ Garfia for a place in Sunday’s final. Zverev taking his time to get on the board but why he did it was all systems go. Carlos looked nervous and out of place in this semi and he was the first one to crack. The first break was Sascha’s in the seventh game, the unforced error was poor and unexpected given the high standards Carlos set this week. You might wonder sometimes why tennis players shout aloud after winning a big point. This is psychological to get themselves fired up as well as the crowd and also get into the opponent’s head. No doubt who was the crowd favorite here, Germany and Austria share a border and a language. Just as the forehand propelled Alcaraz to the last 4 , it did the same for Sascha here. Check out 5-3. We get the glimpse of the forehand by Alcaraz at 15-0 but the test of the game was punctuated by classy winners by the German. The double break sealing the set comfortably for Sascha 6-3.

The forehand clinic continuing in the second set. The roll of wrist, key to getting the depth and distance on the shot by Zverev. Alcaraz looked lethargic in this match, the unforced errors creeping into his game none so major as the one at 2-2(40-30). Kind of got feeling the belief just wasn’t there for Carlos hitting the forehand straight into the net like that. Any glimmer of an opening for Carlos wad promptly snuffed out by Zverev. Check out 5-3(40-30) break point Alcaraz. No prizes for guessing the shot that won Sascha the point🎯.The ace finishing off a professional performance by Zverev. Next up is Frances Tiafore the American qualifier who beat Sinner in the other semi.