After a rocky start to the season, the Brooklyn Nets have slowly found themselves. They were 2-3 going into this one. If a team like the Nets is to win the championship this year THEY NEED their big guns firing. When I say big guns it’s obviously KD and JM. Harden had 29 points with Durant 22 .The relatively low high scores reflect the fact that it was a fouling game. Tactical fouling by the Pacers was common as the match reached the half way stage putting the focus on the free throw shooting of the Nets. The Nets were impeccable from the free throw line at 31/41 the key to the victory. First quarter Sabonis was on fire for Indiana from the paint on both sides of the court. Check him out stealing from Harden to set up the Duarte’s slam dunk at 15-10 Pacers. The double team always works on a player who is slow to pass the ball such as James. Pacers running away with the first 38-26.

Second quarter Harden became more influential. This three pointer at 51-50 Pacers was the turning point of the match. There weren’t a lot of 3s(6 for Nets , 8 for Pacers) in this one but the best of them was this one. This time Pacers made to pay for not double teaming him on time. Third quarter, the Sabonis-Duarte axis drew Indiana close to turning the tables , they reached 68-67. But Durant with his patented jumper put paid to that challenge along with some handy assists to the supporting cast of Mills(5 points) and Aldridge(21 points).

Check out 73-69 Nets. With the game getting away from the Pacers, they had a real go at it in the fourth with some great work within the arch to pull scores to 90-90 Nets. The fouling tactics weren’t working as the Nets got baskets in the act of being fouled which made it as good as a three point shot play. Watch 90-90 the foul on Harden. KD’s passing game is underestimated. Check out 94-90, his awesome give and go to with Browne finished off by Harris. Nets now 3-3 in the East and if I should be honest have enough arsenal to make the playoffs although they really miss Kyrie. Pacers are going to struggle this season to make the play offs and are now 1-5. But hey there is a lot of basketball to play.