This match up pitted the undefeated Cardinals against Green Bay with a 6-1 record. Very interesting finish to the match but I will get to that in a bit. Cardinals after a good started more or less lost the match in the second quarter. Kyler Murray for the Cardinals threw 274 yards which is a winning tally in most matches. Watch the play on 8 minutes 0-0. The flag chopping off what would have been an awesome TD by Hopkins(best wide receiver with 66 yards but the throw by Murray was a real DID YOU SEE THAT MOMENT. Why Hopkins saw the need to grab the face mask only he knows. Arizona did get the opening TD the only one of the first quarter 2 minutes later. Chase Edmonds like a knife through butter. Just as Cardinals shut out the Packer in the first Q so did the Packers to Arizona in the SECOND. Rasul Douglas(29) was key with 9 tackles.

The Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was 22/37 with 184 yards slightly less than Murray’s 22/33. Another eye catching moment was the catch by Lewis at 7-7 second quarter 6 minutes. Just didn’t get the foot down in time but great catch nonetheless. What ultimately decided the contest was the boot of Crosby with the one and only kick of the match with 6:27 of the second to go. Both teams traded 2 TDs to go into the final 4 minutes of the game. Then the drama.

Rodgers only fell short of a TD by one yard and then had what would have been a game winning pass intercepted by Cardinals’ Kennard ten seconds later. Lastly there was a moment to forget for wide receiver for the Cardinals AJ Green. 14 seconds to go, Murray did all the hard work to pick him out IN THE EZ, Green turns his back to the ball allowing an easy interception by the GUY OF THE MATCH, Rasul Douglas. This was effectively a game winning interception as good as a TD for the Packers. Definitely a tough one to take for Arizona. Green raising his hands was more of him being embarrassed than it was aimed at Murray. Both teams still lead their respective divisions in the NFC with same 7-1 record, the Packers in the North, the Cardinals in the West.