Monday night Football now. Seahawks went into this one 2-4 with a leaky defense especially at home. New Orleans were not on a roll as such but a decent start to the regular season at 3-2. This was a very close match with Seattle tightening up defensively. In fact both teams managed to shut out each other on every quarter, split at two each. The Saints’ number 50 Demario Davis was the best overall with figures of 7 tackles with 3 assists. Didn’t take too long for the first TD to come for the Seahawks. Metcalf, their wide receiver , getting evading two defenders from the 40 yard line to score a beauty. Great throw from Geno Smith who threw 167 yards and was 12 successful from 22 attempts. Poor figures. Watch the great defense by Bobby Wagner, Seattle’s best defensive with 8:13 to go in the first quarter. He was on to the Saint in a flash. The match was eventually settled by a kick but the kicking wasn’t all the great. Jason Meyers was only 1/3 for Seattle whilst Brian Johnson the best for New Orleans with 2/2 so no wonder they won the match.

Second quarter belonged to the Saints who went 10-7 up at half time. Saints QB Winston picking up a loose ball to find Alvin Kamara who in turn found a gap on the right side of the Seahawks defense to score the TD. Usually the team whose quarterback throws the most yards wins the match. Winston was over 200 yards at 222 and was 19 successful out of 35. A success rate of over 50%. There would be no TDs from there to the end. A kick by Meyers, his only success of the match, drew scores level at 10-10 going into the final quarter. Before that a moment of defensive magic by Jamal Adams(33) to make a TD saving tackle on Saint Kenny Stills(12) with 6:45 of the 3rd to go. The interesting part of football is that teams rarely go for the TD while on the 4th down. For me this is a missed opportunity to catch the opponent by surprise. But hey the culture is risk aversion amongst NFL coaches so they tend to go for the kick, cue Brian Johnson for the Saints to win it with 2 minutes of the match to go.