Where else should we start other than the horror show that is Old Trafford. Soccer is an emotional sport. As such the chorus around the world from the billion plus United fans will surely be for Ole to head to the guillotine. The role of the coach is very much overrated in soccer. After all all he does is choose the best match day team with the players at his disposal. It is up to those 11 players to perform up to the standard expected. That didn’t happen here. From the looks of all five goals scored it seems certain players don’t know their roles in the team. Lets take the second goal as an example. Watch as Luke Shaw inexplicable comes inside and in the process clashes with Maguire leaving Alexander Arnold with the freedom of the City of Manchester. We can’t say the coach is responsible for that. No, the players should KNOW THEIR ROLES.

To say Liverpool were good will be an understatement. They were magnificent. Salah’s reputation is fattening every single game and here he joins an illustrious club of players who have scored an away hat trick at Old Trafford such as Ronaldo Nazario. The movement and the passing was Man City-eque. In total it was 731 passes. That was down to the performance of their Captain Jordan Henderson. He averages ALMOST 55 PASSES per game in the Premier League.He is not shabby accuracy wise too with a crossing accuracy of 23%. United just couldn’t get hold of the ball.

As I said before United don’t have a player who dominates in midfield with the ball. When Ole saw the problem and introduced Pogba to mitigate the issue it was too late. The pressure on the Frenchman to get the ball eventually resulted in the red card. So in closing NO the answer isn’t to sack the coach. United should start changing the personnel. That shouldn’t be difficult with the resources at their disposal. This game should be a watershed game in which United must turn a corner. Ole has some culpability for United’s bad run notably his substitution or lack of them. He should have the temerity to make tough substitutions on time. If it means benching Ronaldo for Cavani so be it. If it means benching the captain Maguire for Bailly , the coach should be brave enough to make that sort of decisions.