This season was always going to be a rebuilding one for the Lakers after adding the likes of Dwight Howard and Russell Westbrook to their books. The Suns disappointed in the NBA Finals last season losing a two to nothing advantage so will be looking to get back to the big game this season. Lakers were the better team in the first quarter with such players such as the one at 11-9. Westbrook with the jumper and also drawing the foul. Nothing like that to get the confidence and pulse racing.

Second and third quarters it was all Phoenix. The Suns seized control of the game by bashing the Lakers from the paint. Chris Paul had 23 points and 14 assists. Watch the Phoenix play at 31-28 Lakers. The quick assist from Paul whilst the Lakers were napping still celebrating the basket on the other hand. A coach’s nightmare. The team is most vulnerable defensively after just scoring ,any coach will tell you. The Paul to Ayton play did a lot of damage, with the latest usually finishing off with a dunk. Rondo and LeBron deserve special mention particularly from down town for the Lakers. They however went down to as much as 30 points difference. On court physical confrontation broke out during a time out between Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard. Howard can be hot headed sometimes but his heart is in the right place. If anything coach Vogel should be happy that his players at least care enough to show their anger after being eaten up alive by Phoenix the way they were. Both later dismissed it as nothing and water under the bridge. As I said earlier the Lakers were losing the battle from the paint. Watch Devin Booker, who had an awesome game drive to the basket with relative ease at 76-55.

LA deserves credit for eventually pulling the scores back to lose by just 10 at the end. The difference was that the fourth quarter. They started shooting more from down town with Davis and James(who had a good outing by the way as usual) picking up the scraps should the 3s be unsuccessful. Lakers are now 0-2, not the ideal start so they need that first victory to come soon to banish the memory of this one. Chris Paul notched up his 20000th point and 10000th assist in this one but the Suns will be happy that all their big players are hitting top form right from the get go.