So on to the NBA champions now. They were off to a impressive start to the regular season with a win over a team many a touting to win the whole show, the Brooklyn Nets on opening night. Words don’t even describe how dominant on both ends of the court Finals MVP Giannis is. But in this match he was rather subdued offensively although his defensive game was there, 10 rebounds bested only by the Heat’s Olympic champion Bam Adebayo who had 13. Check out the opening play by the Bucks in the clip above. The Greek normally so powerful on the paint giving it straight to Adebayo. Milwaukee were never able to take the match by the scruff of the neck. Tyler Herro was Miami’s best points getter with 27 points. More on him in a moment.

The turnovers were quite high in this game,26 all in all total for either side. This is a sign of pressing and high intensity basketball from both teams. Watch 5-3 Miami with three Heat players putting the squeeze on Milwaukee’s Khris Middleton for the easy basket. That first quarter was really what did the Bucks in, they were losing the ball, looked tired, it looks like they partied too hard after that win in the Finals last year. Miami was moving the ball fast, beating the Bucks at their own game, from the paint. Check out 22-5 Miami. This is a long regular season,82 games will be played by each team. So not much should be read into this result by Milwaukee as they will be plenty of time to redeem themselves.

From the first quarter the scores for the other three quarters read like this, 32-26,33-26,32-26 all in favor of the Heat. That sums it up. Although Milwaukee improved with plays like the one at 47-27 Miami, they needed more three pointers if they had a chance to catch the Heat. Only managed 12/42 which was no way near good enough. Heat just made sure to be ahead of the Bucks on the scoreboard. Now back to Tyler Herro. He is only 21 and a 2019 draft first round pick from the University of Kentucky. He only needed 24 minutes to score his 27 points in this game. To put it into context, both Middleton and Giannis had a combined 46 minutes on court to score 26 points. With plays like at 107-73 Heat one can see why. He is a good dribbler and finder of space on the opposition paint.