Refereeing decisions on the spotlight again but all three major ones were spot on. Salah continued his rich vein of form with another goal. The thing with the Egyptian is that you know what he is most likely to do, that is cut inside on his left attacking from the right side of the defense to get the angle for the shot. But no one knows how to stop him at the moment. Point on Salah’s penalty taking. His run up is always(acute) angled from the right. It has it’s advantages. The goalkeeper doesn’t know which side Mo will hit. The disadvantage is that the Mo is restricting himself to only two sides, his left side and the middle of the goal, such is the acuteness of his approach to the ball. So the goalkeeper might want to dive to his extreme right or slightly to his right leaving his legs dangling in the middle of the goal in case Salah goals down the middle(watch Maignan of Milan saving on match day one). Of course if the penalty from Mo is placed to far to his right he got no chance of saving it.

Back to the match. The high press from Liverpool won the day for them in that crazy opening 15 minutes. Most goals conceded are the ones in which your team loses the ball in that area just outside the 18 yard box. This is so unlike Atletico who are so organized without the ball , knowing the places to occupy under pressure. Look how easily Koke is dribbled by Salah in goal number one. The best player for Atletico was Joao Felix. The red card may have forced Simeone into subbing him but he was very bright creatively and with his pacey runs. He is now justifying that hefty price tag. Thomas Lemar is another who impressed, setting up the Griezmann goal with his pace as well. Pace is crucial for the counter attacking style that Diego Simeone desires. Last mention is probably on Liverpool who after all won the match. Trent Alexander Arnold’s defensive awareness has vastly improved from last season. No doubt his coaches have drilled him on this one. Check out the crucial (probably match winning) interception in the 19th minute with Yannick Carrasco in close quarters.