Here we go. The NBA season starts again and what a match to kick of the regular season. Two teams that disappointed last term, probably not a fault of their own but injuries wreaked havoc on both camps. It’s LeBron versus Steph again and just like the Play-Ins Golden State was top dog. Top scoring for the Warriors was Curry with 21 points, followed by Jordan Poole with 20. One of the reasons Golden State was average in the play offs last season was the over reliance on Steph for the points. It wasn’t the case here , scoring was well spread out with six players making double figures. I cannot say the same for the Lakers though. LeBron had a game high 34 points with Antony Davis a point behind but no one came even close to reaching 15.

LeBron looked sharp in preseason and he was in this match too. Check out the 3-pointer at 12-9 Warriors with the plenty of time on the shot clock. This was followed by the block at 14-12 Lakers. His defensive game was on point in this one with a game high 11 rebounds. Despite the impressive alley-hoop to Davis by Rondo at 23-18 Lakers, the Warriors overall were better from the paint. Watch this drive by Poole at 96-90 Golden State. This especially in the second half. Steph was the King of assists in this one with 10, the closest Laker was LeBron and Rondo with 5. Relaxed nature of the match saw a lot of 3-point attempts some from way down town but both teams were almost at par in as far as successful attempts are concerned. This looks like will be the pattern for the regular season, the Lakers getting the bigger two as high up on the scoring as possible. But they will struggle if they encounter a side like the Warriors whose shooting accuracy if off the charts(they were 25/30 on free throws to their 9/19).They need to get all their players to contribute if the Lakers are to get back on top of the ball game in 2022.