We have seen week 6 with some very close match ups. This one was no exception. Tennesee rushing player Derrick Henry inspiring his team with 3 TDs and ran a team best 143 yards. Game really came alive in the final 15 minutes for the Titans. The first quarter was a tight defensive affair with the Bills pulling away on the scoreboard through a Tyler Bass kick. Second quarter was electric. The Bills’ QB Joe Allen had an awesome game with figures of 353 yards and 47 attempted passes with 35 caught. But first the TD from Henry for the Titans with Bills expecting the pass from the play at 6-0 first down.

Titans Quarter back Ryan Tannehill wasn’t a slouch at all. His 18/29 may be modest but the fact that he exceeded 200 yards and scored a TD says a lot. Watch the pass at 13-7 3rd down to Jones that nearly came off. The game changing moment? Henry with another long yard dash to the EZ at 31-27 this time 13 yards. He is certainly good at finding the gaps in the defensive lines , very strong and hard to tackle. Titans ,who notched up their fourth win here of the regular season, sitting top of the AFC South division with a 4-2 record with the Bills top of the AFC East with an almost identical record. The Bills are better in total points scored although Titans tend to do better on the road, 161 points away from home.