British 14th ranked Cam Norrie looking to reach his first ever ATP 1000 final when he faced Dimitrov of Bulgaria. The path to the final cleared by the top seeds such as Medvedev, Tsitsipas and Zverev falling by the wayside during the week. Early breaks of serve in each set was key for Norrie. Statistically , the guy serving first in the set has the advantage, but the advantage only counts if he holds serve imperatively. Grigor didn’t do that. The backhand was the weapon of choice for Norrie, unusually so for a lefty. Watch 2-0(40-30), the change of pace like a flip of a switch with that deep backhand to the corner turning the rally in his favor. The unforced errors Grigor committed in this match were not doing him any favors. Having done all the hard work to get the break back to pull score to 4-2, he handed it straight back to the Brit in poor fashion. Check out 40-30 Norrie. First set professionally and quickly done by Norrie wrapping it up in 7 games.

Grigor lost serve again but at least he went down fighting taking the first game of the second set to deuce. But again the unforced error on the second advantage Norrie which did him in again. It wasn’t as if the Bulgarian was bad in this match, not by a long shot. His very best came from net plays, check out 1-0(40-30). The backhand slice making it all happen. Here comes the point of the match. Norrie up 3-2 and 40-30. Normally a lefty hitting the forehand cross court as good as Norrie’s execution spells point over for the opponent. Not Grigor, stretching to get to the ball made the forehand difficult to pull off but he did. Sadly he failed to break the Norrie serve and that was it for him. Norrie now in with a shot at making the season ending ATP Finals with a win in the final which will see him break into the top 10. This is his 6th final of the year tying him with Djokovic and that says a lot.