It goes without say that it is in every soccer stakeholder’s interest for Qatar to do well in the tournament next year. Thumbs up for effort for the Asian side in this one although the superior nation was obvious to see. This friendly like qualifier ended up having Ronaldo extend his international goal scoring record capitalizing on a defensive mistake and Diogo Dalot his United teammate getting a rare goal as well. Whilst Ronaldo’s stats are insane I question however in playing him alongside Andre Silva of Leipzig upfront. Both players thrive when they are the target man upfront but hey then again this was a friendly so coach Santos can experiment.

Qatar from the looks of it are a counter attacking side. They should however learn to stick the few chances that they get to the back of the net. 10 out of 10 for FIFA to slot them in Group A so that they get competition. But I genuinely worry for them next year in terms of the chances of progressing to the knockout stage. We all know how an early exit of a home side affects match attendance and overall interest in the tournament. For them to proceed two things have to happen. One, a favorable draw in their group which is likely because they would be seeded. Two, get a world class coach who has worked at the highest level of the game now like South Korea did in 2002 with Guus Hiddink, so at least tactically they are not found wanting.