The final bout of this historic trilogy took place in Wilder’s USA in Las Vegas. After this fight there is no doubting the stamina and endurance from Deontay. He knocked down the champ twice with that devastating right hand in round 4. However from there Tyson figured out that the best approach is to stay close to Wilder rendering his reach advantage futile. The brutal fight took a turn for the worse for Deontay mid bout when he suffered a cut to the left ear and a closing up left eye. This gave Tyson the 🎯 he needed to cause damage.

How about that end of the 10th round from Deontay. This was good boxing, he realized that the bout was virtually lost at that point if it goes to the judges. So his only saving grace was a straight KO. I noticed that the ring side doctor was called to the ring to assess the ability of Wilder to continue just before the round started. I do not normally like it when a fighter is asked if he is okay because 9 times out of ten he will say he is fine because he won’t want to be seen as weak. The fight should have been stopped earlier but luckily there wasn’t much danger to his health. Tyson the Gypsy King still reigns undefeated with the WBC and Lineal heavyweight championship (Lineal in terms of having started a lineage since he entered the heavyweight with a title from another division). A fight to unify the belts with the winner of the Usyk and Joshua rematch now increasingly likely.