On 26th September another senseless incident of gun violence occurred in Salt Lake City. University of Utah football star Aaron Lowe was gunned down at a party in Utah. He was shot along with another with an unnamed female who remains in critical condition. This comes on the back of another homicide involving last December of football player from Utah, Ty Jordan also from what turned out to be an accidental discharge of a firearm. This has again brought the spotlight on gun control in the US. The motive for the Lowe shooting remains unclear although police have said it is neither a gangland or a drug related killing. Gun control is a particularly polarizing issue, that has literally split the country in half along the political division lines. Today I want to discuss about gun control, athletes and guns of which the two are becoming increasingly difficult to separate these days.

In the US constitution, the second amendment guarantees the right for its citizens to bear arms(let’s be clear arms can mean guns, machetes whips so forth) so as to keep a safe state. It was legislated in 1792 a few years after it gained it’s independence and was still a fragile state. Today a section of the left or TEAM WOKE as I would like to call them are calling for the complete or more stricter control on guns. Here is my two cents on the issue. Guns should NEVER be banned for one simple reason. People would just go underground and sell them on the black market, and they won’t be short of customers that’s for sure. Take the following statistic, 80% of football players carry a gun on them at all times according to USA TODAY. This may be down to athletes feeling threatened because of the money they make. They are also public figures so they are also likely to have enemies from crazy fans to Much like the criminalization of some narcotics, it doesn’t stop the distribution of it. What should be done is that there should be proper vetting on who qualifies to own one.

So the question is if Aaron had been packing the nights when they were shot, would they be still with us today? Honestly I don’t know. They could well have been a shootout and more casualties would have resulted. On the other hand the fact that they would be packing would have also probably acted as a deterrent to the attacks(it turns out criminals are afraid of dying too, go figure). It turns out the suspected Lowe shooter, Buk.M.Buk has a long record which includes robbery and had been in jail as early as March this year. He was on probation for armed robbery. PROBATION, are you kidding me? Violent crimes should not get probation, period. It bodes now the question, how good is the monitoring system of ex cons and how was he allowed to carry a firearm without so much as a search on him in the interim? That surely needs to change.