This may be a short race compared to other races on the cycling calendar but it doesn’t rank any lower than them in terms of importance. Points which go towards the UCI World Rankings are up for grabs in this one of the oldest races in cycling. Surprising wet conditions prevailed in France, the first wet Paris-Roubaix in decades. This was mainly due to it being pushed well into the Fall. It was set for another Wout Van Aert and Mathieu Van Der Poel dual to the top of the podium but one of them made it to the podium, only that it wasn’t the favorite.

Wout struggled with the muddy conditions. Racing in such conditions is extremely difficult. One is more likely to crash on the slippery surface if riding at a high speed, so a balance should be struck. Tire pressure should be lower (just a little) than usual and also a rider should switch to higher gear. The corners also become tricky. Check out the clip at the 1:22. A rider , just like in driving, should avoid puddles of water as you do not know what is beneath the water, could well be a gouge there. Choosing the line of riding is also important. Watch the climax of the race, some riders choosing to leave the road and cycle on the harder surface at the periphery of the road.When the conditions dried up it didn’t mean it would become easy, not at all. The tires would be heavy with mud which means you needed to put more effort at the paddles. It was a day for the debutants. Italian Sonny Colbrelli stormed to take the title in his maiden Paris-Roubaix defying his inexperience. What a finish it was, a little breather from the trio at the end there before the mad dash.