Moldova is a country famous for its holiday scenery and will be hard to pick out from the world map. As a country they have never qualified for the European Championships let alone the FIFA world cup. So when the most successful club in their country for the last 20 years , Sheriff qualified for the Champions League group phase, that is a major achievement on its own. No one could begrudge them if they had decided to play for a safe third place finish in their group that includes Real Madrid(13 times champs), Inter Milan and seasoned European campaigners Shakhtar. But the side from Tiraspol shocked everyone by winning their first two matches at home to Shakhtar and away at Los Blancos. It is their second goal in Madrid that makes my play of the week. Sebastien Thill the Luxembourg International caught this half volley with the perfection of a seasoned player. Madrid defense was a little guilty of complacency having just drawn level. The technique of catching the ball with the outside of the foot is not easy as one can easily skew it away from the outer goal posts into the stands. Thill put the shot right on the “blind spot” not covered by Courtois. A historic winning goal for Moldovan soccer. There are no easy games in Europe that’s for sure.