Revenge was served by the Parisians for last season’s semi final capitulation. Paris weren’t all that great in front of goal preferring to sit and absorb pressure and hit on the counter. They have the players to do that so it wasn’t a surprise that the second came from such a counter attack. This was a clash between the nearly men of the past two seasons of the champions league, both teams missing out in the final. Man City had a few players who were below par in this one so did PSG. Make no mistake about it the competition for a starting berth on either side is fierce such that you can’t afford a sub par match.

Starting with the home side,Nuno Mendes had a poor game at left back where he needed to be solid against the irrepressible Mahrez, although to be fair to the Portuguese youngster he improved as the game went on. For City, the 100 million pound signing Jack Grealish had his first really average game for his team. The prize tag is a huge noose around any player’s neck, fans and club hierarchy always want a return on investment quickly. Jack was playing his first BIG champions league game so he probably needs time to get used to the level of competition. Now to the stars of the show. Hakimi was impressive at right back, defensively and he needed to be against the caliber of players in the opposition.

Donnarumma had very little to do , which would suite him nicely, he was also on champions league debut. Messi continued his impressive scoring record against English side with a vintage Messi burst into the box. For City , Rodri was probably the best midfielder of the night. His breaking down of play on midfield contributed to limiting chances for the home side, PSG had just 3 shots on target the whole match. Kevin De Bruyne was a lucky boy to stay on the pitch in the first half after a nasty looking studs challenge on Gueye(how ironic Gueye got sent off last season in the very same match for a similar challenge). The referee decoded to remain on the side of common sense and only gave the yellow, but if VAR had advised him to have a second look, the color of the card probably would have changed.