UFC266 was lit at the weekend and of the two main events the ladies’ flyweight bout between Valentina Shevchenko and Lauren “Lucky” Murphy. Lucky was on a 5 match winning streak which culminated in her being given a shot at the FLYWEIGHT CHAMP Valentina. They say famous mobster Lucky Luciano survived more than 10 attempts at his life in his infamous reign as a mob boss. Even him would not have survived the onslaught of punches unleashed by Valentina on Murphy. Valentina takes the play of the week and then some. Check out the clip in Round 4. Shevchenko’s punching speed is breath taking and before you know it she also lands the kick just like that. The ref should have stopped the fight there and there but hey apparently he thought Lucky had some fight left(Come on, seriously). It took the take down and a volley of uncomfortable looking punches for him to come around. More than a “rough night at the office” here Lauren but hey we still love you. Shevchenko defending her title for the sixth successive time.