The money that sports persons earn nowadays as well as their celebrity status often make them a target for robberies by criminal elements. In 2016 Czech tennis star Petra Kvitova was attacked in her home by a man wielding a knife. In May this year Israeli soccer star Eran Zehavi’s wife and 3 children all below 10 years of age were robbed at gunpoint in their home whilst Eran was away playing for his Dutch side PSV. Both crimes had the same modus operandi, that is the occupants let the assailants in willingly.

The Zehavi robbers pretended to be delivery guys whilst the Kvitova attacker masqueraded as a boiler repairer. Criminals want to gain your trust so they pretend to be part of professions that don’t arouse suspicion. Asking further inquisitive questions before letting anyone you don’t know in the house can save you. Criminals often do their own surveillance before commiting a crime. In the Zehavi case they made the painstaking effort to find out when PSV had their away games, the Kvitova assailant probably knew she would be home. So it is mightily important to do your own counter surveillance. Check out the neighborhood and your house for places robbers can lie in wait and for places on your property they might hide.

It goes without saying that when you are being robbed compliance is essential. Resistance can lead to a disastrous ending. Kvitova was quite fortunate because she fought back and only came out with cuts on her left hand(tennis hand). She eventually offered him money to leave but she nearly lost her career(surgery saved her career and fingers). Cameras should be there on your property without fail, it also acts as a deterrent for attacks. It is not unheard of for people to mount fake cameras although it’s not encouraged for obvious reasons. Same goes for alarms. Lastly, not everyone should be trusted even when they don’t look like robbers so DON’T TRUST ANYONE, especially the people you know. It is said that a fair bit of kidnappings and murders are perpetrated by criminals on known acquaintances.

The Zehavi robbers are still to be apprehended but the guy who cut Petra is now behind bars sentenced to 8 years, far too lenient for a guy who nearly killed a woman.Eran ended up leaving the away game at Willem II and found a lot of his items missing but his family were fine.