The Packers getting their first win against NFC North rivals Detroit , turning the heat on the Lions in the second half. Credit were it is due, the Lions were all over Green Bay in the first half. The 75 yard TD was great but it probably was the wake up call the Packers needed. Aaron Rodgers was the best rusher with 6 yards for the Packers. Goff’s figures of 46 yards weren’t bad at all for the Lions.

It was not as if the Lions’ defense was awwful, no. It was more of the Packers being able to find chings in their armour. Check out Rodgers’s pass for the TD at 17-14 Lions. The defensives very slow to even come close to the Packers’s on rushing player. This was the turning point of the match. Lions however needed to defend the corner of the EZ better as Rodgers kept finding his teammate with the rainbow pass in and around that part of the field.