Joao Almeida sealing the Tour win by finishing second in stage 5 despite his best efforts to close down David Gaudu in the last 200 meters. Another 20 meters or so at the end he might have caught David. Great effort from Quintana on the final ramp climb there. Standing up from the saddle does get you added speed on the climb but you tend to exert more energy. The commentator alluded to the ramp feet as being a bit dangerous for which he had a point. It is surprising that organizers still go for them with an array of safer options to choose from. Hirschi was the closest challenger to Almeida in the GC but despite winning the intermediate sprint to gain some bonus points he had a mammoth task to catch up with the Portuguese. It was a great team effort from Almeida’s teammates to get him to finish second in the stage but take nothing away from. Gaudu who showed remarkable leg strength to win the sprint finish.