A pretty exciting Time Trial won by Mattia Cattaneo of Italy ,only just, from now overall race leader Joao Almeida. The Portuguese put daylight between himself and Hirschi who now occupies 2nd in the GC by 46 seconds. A huge 25 km TT meant there would be some drama here and there and that here and there was Bauke Mollema’ horrific high speed crash. The Dutchman turned all wrong at a corner and looked to be in some danger of dropping out of the Tour. Have you ever noticed that the most ugliest od crashes tend to inflict the most minor of injuries whilst the most innocuous tend to produce career ending ones?

In what is good news for team Netherlands at the upcoming World Championship,Bauke got up and continued the race to finish a lowly 4 minutes and 29 behind Cattaneo. The hay bake positioned on the island was a God send, cushioning some of the impact, whoever did so deserves a bottle of whiskey. Mollema made two errors here, one was to lean hard and two to apply breaks just when he was about to crash. Golden rule of crashes is that when you are about to crash applying the brakes sharply tends to throw the rider off the bike as he loses control against his momentum. Instead one needs to brace for impact, loosen the body muscles to reduce chances of injury. Bauke is a lucky man.