This problem is not going away in Italy and I blame the authorities. First of all is the fiaxt that banners of Benito Mussolini are even allowed to be put up. As we know Mussolini is the original fascist, the father of national socialism. Why hasn’t the Italian government banned anything associated with his name just as the Nazi party was banned in Germany and anything to do with Adolf Hitler? Mussolini’s favorite team was Lazio so the club is in an unfortunate situation here. They will forever be associated with a dictator and there is nothing they can do about that outside the stadium. What are they doing to stop racism inside the stadium? For me very little.

First of all, if bananas are being abused by the fans why not put a blanket ban on the fruit? I know it sounds ridiculous but extreme times call for extreme measures especially when the club’s reputation is at stake. I hate to say it but returning to the modus operandi of 1980s stadium management maybbe the solution here. Search fans going into the stadium for racist and fascist insignia , anyone found with this is ejected from the ground and banned. When we say the referee is the one with the power to stop the game because of racism, for me it is too much responsibility for one person. Why not put that responsibility to him and the two opposing coaches with the majority winning the decision, its the most democratic thing to do. I know Bakayoko and Kessie are professionals and the abuse they suffered in the game with Lazio for Milan didn’t get to them. Sometimes players don’t complain for fear of being labeled trouble makers or fear of letting the team down. That shouldn’t be the case, we want players to stand up for themselves against discrimination. Racist abuse will never end but let’s hope Lazio and the Italian government will take steps to counter it.