What a way to kick off the NFL regular season. In a match settled in OT, the regular time was off the chain. Excellent defense particularly from the Ravens in the first quarter, putting pressure on the quarterback number 4 for the Raiders. Of the opening two TDs from the Ravens the second was the best for m, number 8 finding number 34 in the Raiders’ EZ without much of a gap to work with. Kicking from both teams was great, probably the reason we had OT in the first place when they both traded kicks in the dying minutes of the fourth.

Raiders however started to make inroads into the Ravens’ half in the second quarter. Despite then forcing a TD to reduce the deficit to 14-7, a trade of kicks meant the 7 point advantage stood start of the 4th. A moment of magic from Jacobs looked to have sent us into OT for the Raiders. New recruit Murray restored the advantage for the Ravens powering past a series of Raiders. Now watch the poor defensive play by the Ravens player in allowing number 83 for the Raiders to turn past him with such ease to make the scores 24 each. That was the play that I think could have seen the game out for the Ravens had it been played out well.