Dominic Calvert LEWIN’s announced absence is threatening to take the taste out of the toffees’ great start to the season. The former England under 20 world cup winner is out with a quadricep injury. A quadricep or quad for short is a group of muscles in the front of the thigh. As the quad part of the name suggests it is 4 muscles. The muscle is useful for straightening the knee or for movement of the hip.

In the case of a soccer player like Dominic, the injury could be caused by the quad being overstretched from overuse due to playing a lot of matches. It is no secret soccer players have played lots of games the past year due to the pandemic wreaking havoc on fixture calendar. The injury can be also caused by repeated surgery causing it to weaken which I don’t think it applies to Dominic due to his good injury record as well as age. Now , there are types of quadricep injuries. These are a contusion or a direct blow to the thigh. In the case of a soccer player I can imagine it occuring due to a coming together with another player going for the ball or colliding with the frame of the goal or advertising board.

Second type is the strain on the muscle. This ranges from according to severity from a small stretch to partial tear to lastly a complete tear. In extreme cases the muscle compartmentalizes , that is it puts pressure on the blood vessels and thus required surgery to correct it. This is called a compartmental quadricep injury. So what are the symptoms of the quad injury? Well first one right off the bat is obviously pain and swelling. The victim is also unable to stretch the knee. An X ray is needed to complete the diagnosis, done by a certified radiographer of course. First aid to be administered is the old RICE, rest the leg , ice it to reduce swelling, compress and elevate to increase blood circulation. If injured person can put some weight on the leg after doing RICE, they can be given leg crutches although not advisable at that stage. Pain can be relieved by meds. Physiotherapy can also help in the recover to regain full muscle function. Lastly another severe form of quad injury, the tendon rupture (tendinitis)also knows as the Jumper’s knee is common in athletes ,soccer and basketball players. It is caused by overuse and impact on the knee due to frequent jumping and requires surgery.