52 years is a mighty long time to wait for a calendar grand slam winner so the fact that the pressure of the event got to the normally composed Novak cannot be surprising. The emotional Serb’s normal nerves of steal were no where to be seen but that doesn’t take away the fact that Daniil was laser focuses and determined to win. Check out first set 2-1(40-0), see what I mean. The go to tactic early on by Medvedev was a strong first serve. I like that once Daniil gor the break he never let it go , this is where most players crumble against Novak, right after they have broken.

Watch 3-2(40-15).Another monster serve this time down the T. We all know Djokovic doesn’t go away that easily, he gets the racquet to the ball three times with his back firmly to the wall before the overhead smash finished it for Daniil. The way Medvedev blew away Novak is certainly reminiscent of another Russian ,Marat Safin’s crushing win over Sampras. Like Marat, Daniil wanted to put pressure early on Djokovic on his own serve so that the Serb doesn’t dictate the rallies. Now watch 5-4 second set 30-0. It must have been sickening for Novak to see Daniil get the better of him in the long rally too which is the Djokovic specialty. Daniil broke early in the third just like the first to get within distance of the title.

The point of the match was 1-0 in the third adv Medvedev. I got the feeling if Novak broke back in this game the match would have gone the distance. Novak uncharacteristically nervous from the net the whole match and it showed in the weak drop shot. Daniil capturing his first Grand Slam title, the first one for Russian since Safin in 2005. Rafa, Federer and Novak still wedged together at the top of the all time major winners with 20 each. Unless something catastrophic happens ,such as say… a retirement of one of them 🙄,God forbid, one of them is almost certain to pull away from the others in 2022.