Top Belgian rider Wout Van Aert(Jumbo-Visma) won by a slender margin in Britain on Stage 4 over 4, beating Julian Alaphilippe atop the steep last climb in Wales. Michael Woods finished some distance off in third but the day belonged Wout who wins his second stage of the Tour after winning stage 1. The stage had 3 climbs with the major one the final. The cloudy conditions made things a little easier for the riders with summer now winding down in the Northern hemisphere, although temperatures began to soar as the day went on. Finishing top in 2 out 4 of the stages has its advantages with regards to GC points. Bonus points were earned by Wout meaning he takes over from Ethan Hayer of Ineo atop the GC.

Watch the crash with 2:35. No major crash except the one with 2:35 on the clip, the rider from Great Britain downed after failing to see a competitor riding to his left on the island. Its easier to say he should have continued to ride on the right hand side but the speed at which they were going I doubt he could have stopped on time even if he had seen the crash coming. The final climb was a double digit gradient, a steep stubborn one, meaning timing was everything. One didn’t need to exert themselves until maybe the last 6 kilometers, we can see the likes of Soler and Jogensen break too early only to run out of steam in the crucial part. I got to tell you there was a moment when I thought oh no they are going to come together Julian and Wout right at the end there. They were riding so close together. Luckily it didn’t happen. It would have been interesting who would have been awarded the win had they both went down bang on the line. Probably Woods would have clinched it.