Who would have thought the Danes would run away with a Group that includes their opponents above , Scotland and Austria. Their demolition job in Copenhagen against the Israelis ,who have been riding high after an impressive 5-2 win over Austria in the last match day, was their sixth victory out of six. You now have to be brave to bet against them appearing in Qatar next year. What usually happens after a major tournament is that the most impressive players in it tend to tail off, but that has not been the case for Denmark’s stars of Euro 2020. Players like Delaney, Hojbjerg and Maehle have picked off were they left off. Disappointingly for Israel, their most important players ZAHAVI(PSV) and Solomon(DONETSK) were never in it. How easy was it for the Danes? Well no shots on target for Israel, Denmark dominated passes and possession. Defending set pieces isn’t Israel’s thing as evidenced by goal number 2 for Denmark. Standard practice is picking up a man but not everyone did that.

The technique on the Olsen goal was much harder than it looks. All senses points to him taking a first touch but he would have none of it. Getting the direction right and keeping it low. Great stuff. DID I MENTION MARKING SET PIECES ISN’T ISRAEL’S THING? On Cornelius’s fifth goal, how can a defender be allow the attacker to head the ball when the defender is in front of the attacker until the very last moment? This is treasonous defending. Israel slip to third in the Group 7 points behind the Danes and a point behind Scotland in second place.