There is no denying the difference between sports of 25 years ago and that of now is the advent of social media. It has added a lot of scrutiny on players , tennis players are not immune to that as well. This week two American women’s players, Sloane Stephens and my focus for analysis today Shelby Rogers went out of the US Open and incurred the wrath of our friends, the ” key board warriors”. I don’t deny it I am a key board warrior too but I am a key board warrior who doesn’t let emotions override logic. If a player plays badly, I analyze where they possibly got it wrong and offer solutions. The key board warriors who attacked Shelby and Sloane give guys like me a bad image. The abusers of social media want to feel mighty good about themselves(low self esteem) so they attack unanimously, they attack the kind of stuff the targeted can’t change like their appearance and gender. It is mighty sad but that is the way the cookie crumbles, social media will always be there and companies that run them might not be able to police it properly because of the sheer size of it. Over to the match now.

Shelby had a week of her life dispatching World number one and red hot favorite Ashley Barty in Round 3 coming into this one whilst British teenager Emma Raducanu had a decent run at Wimbledon as a wild card. Shelby only won 38% of her points on first serve, she was pretty weak on the serve. This coming even though she served well over 75% of her first serve in, This shows she was probably playing them well short and not hitting them wide enough or central enough. She started confidently enough putting pressure on Emma’s serve in the very first game. Emma’s forehand bailing her out of trouble. Shelby’s returns were fodder to Emma’s forehand, check out second set 1-0 Emma first point. The return way too short , Raducanu simply had to pick her spot. Being blown away in the second set didn’t stop Shelby from showing what she can do when she serves with conviction. Check out 5-0 Emma 15-0. A telling statistic is the break points conversion ratio, 1/9 for Shelby and 5/9 for Emma. More weak returns were the problem for the American none more evident than when she had a chance to get a break back at 5-1.