It does not get bigger in world soccer than Argentina VS Brazil, seven world cup triumphs between them and 24 Copa America titles between them. Apparently it also gets kind of weird when these two sides meet, none so than Sunday’s encounter in Sao Paulo in the qualification sequence for Qatar 2022. Match was abruptly stopped by Brazilian Health Authorities who demanded that four UK based players in the Argentina team leave the country for violating Coronavirus regulations in the 10th minute. Now I don’t doubt that the authorities were right on this one but damn the timing stinks to high heaven. Brazilian law requires that the players traveling from the British shores quarantine for 14 days.

Nothing screams incompetence like a guy who wants to rectify his mistake by doing yet another one. It unfortunately doesn’t auger well with the the reputation Brazil wants to portray to the world. What on earth were the immigration officials doing at the airport when they allowed the players in? Corruption? Mind games on the part of Brazil? That can’t be ruled out, I have seen such gamesmanship in the form of booking the team in a substandard hotel or training camp. This one would be innovative. This match should have been allowed to continue then address the concerns later since by that time even if the players were positive they would have most certainly have infected half of Sao Paulo by the time it was played. Even so I believe the Argentinian delegation would be mature enough to observe social distancing protocols as a precaution. Well all things being equal the remaining 80 minutes should be replayed at a later date. THIS IS DEFINETLY NOT BRAZIL’S FINEST HOUR…SORRY TEN MINUTES.