Derek Brunson is the nearly man of MMA but on Saturday night he made a mockery of that unwanted title with a submission win over Darren Till who now loses his second match in a row. A title shot against Middleweight champ Israel could be on the cards for the Southerner. One could see who was the most confident of the two even when the horn sounded to start the bout. Derek doing well to avoid punches by Darren by ducking and going for the take down. Check out the clip with 1 minute 10 . Its safe to say mat grappling is Derek’s thing but not Darren’s. Till is struggling to counter all the weight on him. Derek didn’t let up when Till avoided the initial attempt to the submission by going for the punches.

Not surprising (maybe to some not me) that Till had the most significant strikes of the match. This is because Darren was concentrating on the takedowns. Darren almost pulled off a perfect counter though. Check out the clip with 2 minutes and 10 on it. The turn and body shift into the front guillotine didn’t quite pan out but the idea was right. I would have loved to have seen Till go for the knee kicks more they seem to get Derek rocked although so much controversy surrounds knee kicks(some are saying they are dangerous, some say that’s part of MMA). In the end the reverse sleeper hold did the trick for Brunson, simply no way out for Till.