Ilya IVASHKA gave Matteo a hell of a match in New York and bows out of the US Open with his head held high. Matteo’s big serve bailing him out of jail at crucial occasions especially in set 2. It really dug him out of a hole in the first game of the second set when he was down break point 30-40. Three beauties and the game was won. Ilya’s height is also an advantage when serving. Check out opening point of the clip. The most telling part of set one was the match sharpness of both players, BERRETTINI has missed most of the north american hard court season SA for Cincinnati after playing through Wimbledon less than 100 percent. Ivashka hasn’t progressed in tournaments the way he would have liked but watch the baseline coverage at 6-5(30-0) first set and 1-1(15-15). Ilya losing both points.

The Belarusian would win the first set breaker. Second set and third went to the Italian with Matteo dominant when he comes to the net first, that is in the event Ilya managed to return serve. Ivashka does have sone show stopping shots in his locker. Check out fourth set 2-2. Great control on the backhand down the line, great feet for balance. Best point of the match was undoubtedly fifth set 2-0 first point. That is how you turn a rally in your favor, the lob relieves the pressure. As is the case most of the time, the one with most unforced errors loses. Ilya’s forehand wasn’t the most perfect especially in the second set.