Magnus Cort with his third stage win of La Vuelta. The initial breakaway with DSM and Bike Exchange in a fast pace dash to the finish. A bit of respite from the mountain courses of the last two stages, a downhill finish which is ideal for the sprinters. At the 42 km mark, when the riders ride as close together as they did there a crash is inevitable. The final dash was all about who starts the attack first and who times it well. It was Quinn Simmons(who finished third) attacked first but it only brought a reaction from Oliveira(who finished second) and Cort. Check out the final 100 meters of the race. The one who wins a sprint is more times than not the guy who does not swing his handle bars the wildest. This is because the rider swinging wildly is compensating for loss of speed(through resistance) which may come from engaging a weaker gear or not shifting to a higher gear on time with the finishing line approaching.