This 180km course was the last sprint stage for this year’s Vuelta. Just one climb right in the middle, not a huge one but an opportunity nonetheless for the breakaway. Fabio Jakobsen winning a bunched finish after being left behind on the climb but his team brought him back to life in the end. Safe in the peloton was Odd Christian Eiking who still has the GC lead firmly gripped with no bug changes in the top 4.I would like to talk about the rules regarding what happens when a rider is injured during the race like what clearly Joan Bou was , watch the clip with 86.7km to go.

Showing clear signs of bruising with his shirt ripped to shreds, continued racing which shows bravery and strength. It can also be a sign of big stupidity not from him but the team doctor. He usually is there IN THE TEAM CAR that follows behind the riders. I do not have visuals of him attending to Bou but I hope he did because this is were it gets dangerous for the rider. In the haste to get back into the race, he might decide that he is okay when he is not for example some internal injuries take time to manifest. Let’s hope the doc did his job there. Lastly, concerning a curving road on the ascent, A curving ascent is more excruciating for a rider than a straight road ascent because your body weight is shifted sideways so you are working double hard. One, you are working to paddle your hardest to get up the hill. Two, you are working to balance your weight so you don’t fall over. So preparation is key , know your terrain. Watch clip at 54.2km to go.