Here we go with the last Slam of the year. The first player to be really slammed is Nick Krygios. The Australian was dismantled by the 18th seed Roberto in just one and a quarter hours. I really think Nick played way too much tennis leading up to Flushing Meadows, he certainly looked tired and spent especially in that final bagel set. This however does not excuse Nick’s performance. Have a look at the third set 4-0 first point . It is one thing to want to entertain a crowd but its a complete lunacy to play the behind the legs volley at that juncture when you are fighting to stay in the match. The fist two sets were watchable enough, both serving superbly. 2-1(40-15) first set, Nick serves down the service line(almost at the corner), and a well disguised dropped shot for the one two punch. He serves almost the same top speed as Roger Federer(230km per hour) which speaks a hell of a lot. The majority of rallies went Roberto’s way, he did not always deserve it. Check out the rally on first set, set point 5-3(40-15). Nick could have seized control of the rally twice, with the forehand down the line and when Roberto hit a weak overhead but failed to capitalize.

Nick failed to break Roberto’s serve for the entire match. That is because Roberto was in the zone when he served, 14 aces. His first serve percentage was good at 64% with 81% of points won were on the first serve. Nick wasn’t bad either firing 10 Aces. Second set 5-3(40-15), the angle on the shot setting up the easy volley. He makes it look easy but its not. Another player would have covered the right side of the court after the serve assuming Roberto will try to play the safe cross court shot. Its safe to say Nick’s focus wasn’t on the match but other things. His issue with towels and mask wearing was designed to take the focus on his weak performance on the night.. Yes it was a hot humid day. No sane person would want a poor ball boy to get covid by handling a towel. For Nick it seemed the whole world is conspiring against him but I think the world is worried about other pressing matters.